Having a solid backup solution is crucial in today’s world. Whether data loss is a result of accidental deletion, equipment failure, or a malicious attack – backup before you wish you had. The golden rule for a solid backup solution is the 3-2-1 rule described below.


Original, Local, and Offsite


Local backup and Carbonite



Current Backup Solution

We have analyzed your current setup to determine if a backup solution is in place and if so to what degree.

None / End User initiated

End user initiated backup is like not having a backup at all. This is a serious issue and could cause prolonged downtime in the event of a computer issue.



Priority: Urgent

Suggested Resolution

The below recommendation is what we suggest to setup a solid backup system that simply just works.


Carbonite Appliance

It’s a simple, secure hybrid backup solution. With on-site data recovery (bare-metal restore images) and automatic cloud integration, it’s designed to protect your company’s most important asset: your data.

$1,200 per year

for 500GB Cloud / 1 TB Local

Pro Prime

File Servers and Workstations (no images)

$600 per year (500 GB)



A virus infection can bring your business to a halt if not handled quickly and efficiently. With the growing cyber threat, a solid security solution is key to preventing and removing an infection.

Current Security Solution

We have analyzed your current setup to determine if a security solution is in place and if so to what degree.



Microsoft Security Essentials

While Microsoft Security Essentials offers decent protection at a good price (Free) it does not allow for centralized threat detection and policy audits.



Priority: High

Suggested Resolution

The most important aspect of security is the user of the equipment. Number one is to keep your employees from surfing the internet or bringing flash drives that they use in other computers. Having user policies and procedures is key.

The next important aspect is your antivirus and security software installed on the computers. Since the user is the most critical point of failure a monitored and managed solution is key to prevention and remediation.

Managed Anti-Virus: Vipre Business

$40 a year per computer

Computer Maintenance

There are many tasks that should be done to computers (just like cars) to help them run better and longer. Certain tasks should be done monthly at a minimum on all computers.


  • Disk Cleanup
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Software Updates/Patches
  • Virus Scans
  • Confirm backup solution
  • Uninstall unwanted programs
  • Perform hardware diagnostics
  • Physical cleaning
  • Scheduled reboots
  • Update documentation

Current Maintenance Solution

As Needed

Reacting to an issue creates unexpected downtime and loss of productivity to your employees. This loss of productivity can create loss in potential revenue.


Priority: Medium

Suggested Resolution

A managed services agreement that will perform these maintenance tasks and give us early alerts to any problems. The cost is $30-60 per computer per month. If you want further information on this please let me know and we can go into further detail. I will list some of the most important things below:

24/7 Monitoring – We know when there is a problem and can many times fix it before you or the user even notices. Detection of bad hardware, etc.

Proactive Maintenance – disk cleanups, defrags, reboots if on for 2 weeks and much more

Software Audits – Make sure certain software is installed or known bad software is not installed

Centrally Managed Antivirus  – Antivirus managed from one central server so policies are managed and threats taken care of quickly with notification of action.

Web Filtering – we use DNS to tackle this but because we are managing them we know if the user changes the DNS entry or circumvents the system

Patch Management – Windows Updates and essential software monitored and updated on a regular schedule (Flash, Java, Reader, Chrome, iTunes, Firefox, etc.). We can even set policies to not allow certain updates like IE 10 or 11.

Ticket Creation – The user can easily and quickly create a support ticket from their computer and attach a screenshot. No need to go through you as it will come directly to us.

Basic: $20 a month

Managed AV, Monitoring and Maintenance

Plus: $40 a month

Unlimited Remote Support

Ultimate: $60 a month

Unlimited On Site Service


A solid network infrastructure is crucial in today’s connected world. Network security and a properly managed network is your first level of defense against malicious attacks or downtime that could impact your entire business. From your ISP to your local network, every node matters. The days of set it and forget it are over.


Current Network Status

Unstable and undocumented setup

There are two physically separated networks in place with a setup that only one person is fully aware of how it is setup and configured. The wireless router has to be reset from time to time to resolve speed issues.




Priority: Medium


Suggested Resolution


Managed Network – NetCare

With NetCare you get a solid network infrastructure that is both monitored and maintained. Using enterprise grade equipment NetCare is able to offer a solid network infrastructure.

From router, switches, and access points – NetCare has you covered. Some other benefits include:

  • Cloud-Based 24/7 Accessible Management Console
  • Hosted Guest Portal
  • HotSpot Support (we give your customers our number for assitance if needed)
  • Monitoring for possible problems
  • Firmware Upgrade Management
  • Free Remote Assitance
  • Discounted OnSite Service if needed

End User Devices

The devices your staff uses to complete their job are an extremely important part to the overall health of your business. If a user’s device is down they can loose valuable time that can easily result in lost revenue for your business.


Current End User Devices Status



There are many machines greater than 3 years old. The most important component, the hard drive, is a physical spinning disk that can easily fail over time. The average lifespan of a hard drive is 2-3 years.

Operating System EOL (End of Life)

Several computers are running Windows XP which is now EOL.  Many software companies are discontinuing  support for Windows XP.


Priority: Low

Suggested Resolution

Every machine needs to be evaluated based on age, warranty status and repair history.



Budget for workstation replacement every three years. Most hardware warranties are 1-3 years in length.


Evaluate and budget for possible major infrastructure upgrades.

Talk to us about helping create a budget to replace or upgrade any existing equipment. We offer business level machines at an affordable price.