BizCare Apps Backup powered by CareDrive

Protect your critical cloud data with trusted cloud backup solutions.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Never forget to perform a backup again. With an automatic backup, data is backed up automatically.

CareDrive Cloud

Your data is stored in your own personal CareDrive. Your data is safe as they are fully encrypted at rest and in transit.

Email Backup

Backup and restore entire Office 365 and G Suite email accounts including mailboxes and shared mailboxes.

Calendar Backup

Backup and restore entire Office 365 and G Suite calendars including events and tasks.

Cloud Data Backup

Backup and restore everything stored in OneDrive and Google Drive or select specific files and folders.

Individual Item Restore

Search and recover files, folders or emails from OneDrive or Google Drive.

Custom Retention Policies

No longer are you stuck with a pre-determined retention policy, with BizCare Apps Backup you can set your own policy based on your own criteria. Want to keep revisions forever? No problem.

Works with Office 365 and G Suite

BizCare Apps Backup works seamlessly with Office 365 and G Suite by Google. Logins are controlled per user and an intuitive web interface allows each user to view and restore data.