Hard Drive Replacement

Clicking or Grinding Noise

Do you hear a clicking or grinding noise while using your computer? If so, there is a possibility one of the few mechanical parts in your computer, the hard drive, is defective.

Overall System Slowdown

As your hard drive gets older it will literally slow down and decrease performance. We can run a test to determine if the hard drive is operating within normal specs.

Out of Space Messages

Are you receiving messages about your computer running out of disk space? If so, we can determine the best upgrade option for your needs and even copy everything over to a new larger drive.

No OS Found

Hopefully this is not the message you receive as this can mean a total failure of your hard drive – although some software issues will give you the same message. We can test to determine exact cause.

Upgrade to a SSD

Unlike the more common hard disk drive used in most systems today the solid state drive- or, SSD- contains no mechanical or moving parts, resulting in faster loading times and increased reliability. We stock several SSDs of various capacity to fit your storage needs.


Why Upgrade?

Faster Boot Times
Less Prone to Failure
Overall faster system performance
Zero Noise
Less file fragmentation


1 Year Hardware Warranty

All hard drives we offer come with a 1 Year Warranty from the manufacturer. We will honor and handle this warranty exchange for you, up to one year from the date of pickup.

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