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Ultimate peace of mind for your personal computer.

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With PC Care 365 we are bringing proactive maintenance and support to your personal computer.

Software support, Anti-Virus and maintenance all rolled into one package for a low monthly fee - for your ultimate peace of mind. Let us take care of you.

For one low monthly or yearly fee you get the following great features

Managed Antivirus Included

We provide a subscription to the best Antivirus software on the market. We make sure it stays up to date and worry free.

Proactive Maintenance

Using the PC Care 365 app we offer scheduled and manual maintenance for your system. It also monitors major components for failure.

Unlimited Remote Support

Have an issue? Think you have a virus? We will help you remotely over the internet at no extra charge.

The PC Care App monitors the following:

  • Anti-virus status
  • Recent BSODs (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Hard Drive Capacity
  • Major Application Crashes
  • Device Manager Issues
  • Drive Fragmentation
  • Hard Drive Health
  • Firewall Issues
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Want PC Care 365 for your business? Check out BizCare.

BizCare is specifically designed for businesses with a guaranteed service level response time along with many other features a business requires. We only offer PC Care 365 to home users and is not available for businesses.

This sounds great! What does it cost?


$80 Down
  • Save 10% with the yearly option!
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Monitoring for major issues
  • Managed Paid Anti-Virus Included
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