BizCare Backup powered by CareDrive

Protect your workstations and servers with trusted cloud backup solutions.

Automatic Local and Cloud Backup

Never forget to perform a backup again. With a real-time backup, files are backed up automatically as they are changed.

CareDrive Cloud

Your files are stored in your own personal CareDrive. Your files are safe as they are fully encrypted at rest and in transit.

External Hard Drive(s) and NAS Backup

Not only are the files on your local hard drive backed up but you have the option to include files on an external device.

Ransomware Detection

BizCare Backup detects changes in files and prevents existing backups from being deleted until you confirm if there is an issue.

Image Based Backup

BizCare Backup offers the ability to not only restore your data, but also an exact copy including programs and settings.

Database Backups

From MySQL to MS SQL, BizCare backup has the ability to perform live backups of your crucial database infrastructure.

Custom Retention Policies

No longer are you stuck with a pre-determined retention policy, with BizCare Backup you can set your own policy based on your own criteria. Want to keep revisions forever? No problem.

Restore to Cloud

In case of a disaster, you have the ability to restore your crucial infrastructure to the cloud. From Amazon EC2 to Microsoft Azure – you have options to get you back in business.