Let us take care of IT, so you can take care of business.

Our Biz Basic package is geared towards the small business that wants the peace of mind knowing they have IT help a phone call or email away. Business Basic offers basic monitoring, maintenance and security.

Welcome to the world of proactive care.

Biz Basic offers the following proactive services to reduce downtime and keep your IT infrastructure running the best it can.

24/7 Monitoring

With our state of the art monitoring system, we have a real time look into your business infrastructure. Monitoring allows us to know when something is wrong and fix the problem, possibly even before you know there is an issue.

Proactive Maintenance

Maintenance is key to running your infrastructure as trouble free as possible. We offer daily, weekly and monthly maintenance to keep your systems running the best they can.


Centrally Managed Antivirus

A virus infection can bring your business to a halt if not handled quickly and efficiently. We include Vipre Antivirus, which is centrally managed and threats are taken care of quickly, before they cause any costly downtime.

Web Filtering

Often overlooked, technology that is seen as blocking just bad content, web filtering can offer much more. All networks we manage will have basic web filtering to filter out known websites that host virus, spyware and malware. This can be modified to offer a filtering scheme specific to your business.

Patch Management

Having an up to date system is crucial to preventing many security issues that arise. Patches are approved and deployed by us to insure critical software is always up to date.

Why Choose Biz Basic?

  • Simple and straightforward billing.
  • No initial setup cost.
  • A comprehensive yet flexible solution.
  • Stay ahead of a problem with monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Not sure if Biz Basic fits your business?

Free BizCare Analysis

Not sure if Biz Basic is for you? We can schedule a Free, no obligation, BizCare Analysis to see what services fit your needs. We are here to help and do not want to oversell services you do not need.

*Workstation prices. Sever pricing differs and must be calculated manually. Contact us for a full quote including a server.