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1 year support windows reload

Plus Reload service is our premier option for those who want to make their computer like new with the added touch and a 365 day warranty.

Hardware Diagnostics

Before we start any software service we always check vital hardware components. This includes dust removal, thorough memory tests, in-depth hard drive tests and an overall physical inspection.

Format Hard Drive

The entire hard drive is wiped, partitioned and formatted. The built-in recovery partition is wiped due to the possibility of it being infected from a possible virus infection.

Reinstall Windows

The version of Windows licensed to your computer is reinstalled. If you wish to upgrade to a new OS, ask one of our technicians about your options.

Install/Update Device Drivers

All hardware device drivers were installed with the latest versions and verified to work properly with your hardware.

Activate Windows

Windows is activated to ensure a genuine legal copy of Windows was installed. We cannot and will not install Windows without a valid product key. Piracy is not cool.

Latest Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Java

These 3 plugins are integral to surfing and accessing content on the web today. The nature of plugins create a serious security issue. We install the latest releases to help prevent these security issues.

Free Essential Software

Several free software packages are installed. These packages include Libre Office, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, CDBurner XP, VLC and Picasa.

1 Year of Vipre Antivirus

We include 1 Year of Vipre Antivirus. Vipre has been tested over the years and proven to be the best AV software available.

  • Protection against 0-Day malware attacks 96%
  • Detection of actively running widespread malware 100%
  • Removal of all components of widespread malware 98%



Carefree Repair Warranty

After a repair we want you to feel confident that we resolved the issue. We want you to be carefree and not worry because we are here to help if an issue occurs.



Why Choose Plus Reload 365?

  • You want to make your computer like new.
  • 1 Year Software Support: For your ultimate peace of mind.
  • Free remote sessions after the repair in case you have further questions.
  • 1 Year of Vipre Antivirus.



How much does this cost?



Turn-around time is 1-3 business days. Urgent Service (24 hours) available for an additional $60.