This month marks our 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating by giving back to our customers. Along with extremely hard work and our loyal customers, we have made it to the ten year mark.

As a thank you, we will discount labor 100% on every 10th authorized repair. Yes, we are going to give away our services and the odds are way better than the lottery.

What is the promo?
Free labor on every 10th authorized repair during the month of May.

How long does this promo last?
This promotion starts Monday, May 2nd and runs through Tuesday, May 31st.

Does this promo cover parts as well?
No, we are only discounting the labor.

Does the promo have a cash value?
No, if you decide to not continue with the repair you will forfeit your free labor. Again, this promo has no cash value and must be used on Work Order/PC ID that was part of the 10th authorization.