Long gone are the days when you could just set and forget technology. From security vulnerabilities to constant updates, it is difficult to keep your network, Mac, or PC in tip top shape.

A few years ago, we recognized this shift and started developing proactive service options that encompass all the aspects required to keep modern day technology in check.

Why 365?

Three hundred sixty five is the number of days in a year and this is key to our approach – your technology needs constant care and monitoring. Technology is an integral part of our daily lives so why not care for it every day of the year?

What about Macs?

Today, we are announcing Mac Care 365 which now completes our circle of care and offers many great features specifically designed for Mac users.

  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Managed Antivirus (Yes, Macs need this as well)
  • Yearly Mac OS Upgrade Assistance

This completes our Circle of Care

Our full lineup of proactive services are as follows (click for more info)



While this completes our circle of care for now, we are always watching to see if any other area of technology needs the level of care we offer.

Care, it’s not just part of our name.