Over the years of being in business, we constantly get the question of “Do you guys design websites?”. While we have helped some customers in the past and said yes, we are now saying yes to everyone.

Our Experience

Before going into the details of what we are offering, you should know this is not just us deciding to offer web services to figure it out. Our staff has over 20 combined years of experience in web design and hosting.

Many of you know Brad, our Service Manager, who has many years dealing with web services. Before Brad worked for University PC Care he was the Director of Social Marketing for an e commerce website, RoundTable Toys. Brad”s experience does not begin there as Brad has been living and breathing the web since 2003 when he started a blog and podcast about technology. Brad’s passion for technology is what ultimately brought him to University PC Care.

While Brad was at RoundTable he worked directly with Glen Stewart. We are pleased to announce we have brought aboard Glen, who has over 15 years experience hosting and building websites from small 1-3 page sites to large scale e commerce solutions.

Together Brad and Glen have created many e commerce sites while integrating them with  Amazon,, eBay and local inventory systems to allow for in store pickup. Because Brad was responsible for social marketing, every site had advance integration of social networks, not just a share button.

Their experience also brings along a diverse know how of what works, and what does not. Just ask them and they will give you their opinion.

What we are offering

We put together packages that start as low as $370 for a simple business card like site with one year of hosting. We get so many businesses that know they need an online presence but do not know where to start. This Basic package is geared towards them. The beauty of our packages is they can grow as your business grows and we can accommodate your needs. The most popular plan, Web Plus, is what most people will go for unless they need an e commerce or advanced community site.

For full details on the plans visit our Web Design page. If you are just interested in hosting check out our Web Hosting page.

If you are interested in any of these packages or have any questions let us know by calling 252-558-1280.