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The beginnings of EarthCare

It was just over two years ago; I was sitting at my kitchen table working on our website while showing my then 4-year-old what I was doing. At that time, we had just rebranded and created a Care division for each significant aspect of the services we offer. As I was working, he was always asking me questions, “What is this, Daddy?” “What is that, Daddy?”.

After a few minutes, he got silent and looked at me straight in the face and said. “I’ve got it! You need Earth Care!”

EarthCare – why? As my son said, “Because the Earth is our home.” At that moment, I stopped what I was doing and starting asking him more questions and said let’s do this.

That morning, he and I came up with the EarthCare logo and put it live on our site with some teaser text. He hand picked the globe logo and the specific shade of green used.

A 4-year-old created EarthCare.

This matters for future generations

While we can debate climate change and the human component that comes with it – the simple fact we should treat our home well remains.

From the rare earth metals to the toxic chemicals used in electronics – it matters to our future generations that we take this seriously. Since technology changes at such a rapid rate and has created a quick upgrade culture – we must look at the sustainability to ensure our children and their future children can enjoy technology just as we do.

Reuse. Repair. Recycle.

When it comes to electronics, repair before recycling. Find out more on our new updated EarthCare page.