Back in 1999, Hurricane Floyd forever left its mark on the places we call home- and Hurricane Florence is set to do the same. But just as we persevered and rebuilt following the wake of Floyd, we are poised to bounce back greater than ever following Florence.

In the coming weeks, Eastern North Carolina is going to need all the help it can get from residents, volunteers, and businesses to aid in disaster recovery. Already, volunteers from across the state are springing into action to aid those affected by the hurricane. It is times like this that we come together as a community to open our homes and our businesses to those in need.

So we are here to help the way we know best – technology.

Data Recovery
Unfortunately, some residents had to flee their homes with no time to grab their belongings. Often, this means computers or mobile devices containing irreplaceable data are destroyed by flood waters.

We (University PC Care) will cover 10% of the total cost of data recovery to those impacted. This discount will be available through November 30, 2018.

Free Diagnostics
We (University PC Care) will also be offering free diagnostics on any device directly impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Insurance Estimates
For those directly impacted by Hurricane Florence, we would like to offer free insurance estimates for your computers and mobile devices. An insurance estimate includes the necessary documentation required by most insurance companies.

These are just some things we are able to offer to help out the community we love and are proud to call home.

Note: These offers have no cash value and are only available to victims of Hurricane Florence in the state of North Carolina. All offers end November 30, 2018.