Today, we are happy to announce Care Bucks. Care Bucks can be used just like cash on future repairs. Care Bucks are our way of saying thank you for choosing us.

How do I get Care Bucks?
It”s easy. Any receipt that contains a labor charge will automatically have a Care Buck printed on the back. Cut it out and keep it for future repairs.

How do I use Care Bucks?
Simple. You can use Care Bucks just like cash when paying for a future repair. Care Bucks can be combined with other Care Bucks and promotions – just like cash. Care Bucks can only be applied to labor charges and must be used in full – no leftovers.

Are Care Bucks Transferrable?
Yes! In fact, we highly encourage it. Care Bucks can be given to friends, family, or a complete stranger.

Do Care Bucks expire?
Yes. Each Care Buck has a unique ID and expiration date (3 months from receipt date) that is tracked in our system.

Care Bucks are just another way we are saying thank you. We appreciate all of our customers and it is time for us to give back – the answer is Care Bucks.

Any questions just let us know by emailing or calling us at 252-558-1280.