We are happy to announce the introduction of our new remote support software, UPCC Connect. Remote support is integral to how we are able to offer support to our customers in a quick an easy process.

With the new UPCC Connect it allows us to easily create sessions and invite you to join in a very straightforward manner.

UPCC Connect is now hosted by us.
The biggest change is UPCC Connect is completely hosted by us meaning there is no third party in between. It communicates securely and privately with our server.

New icon and shortcut
upccconnect256You will notice we have created a custom icon to represent  UPCC Connect. We created this so it will easily stand out in your Security Software folder and when the application is launched. If we have worked on your computer in the past, the icon and application in your Security Software folder will need to be updated. Luckily the new UPCC Connect is completely web based so joining a session is very easy making the transition very simple.

The new UPCC Connect works with both Mac and PC allowing us to support any either platform seamlessly.

Check out the new UPCC Connect page and let us know what you think!