If you have called or been into our store over the past week you probably heard or saw quite a bit of construction. Over the past week we have completely revamped our repair benches to meet the recent demand.

Over the past 2 months we have had an increase in the amount of computers being brought in for repair. While this is a great problem to have we were literally running out of space to work on computers at the speed and efficiency you have come to expect from us. Because we never just surrender to a problem we were determined to fix it and make it better, and so we did.

We built two custom benches to house laptops for both diagnostic and repair. These custom benches increase the number we can diagnose/repair at once by two fold. In the process we were able to shift desktop diagnostics and repair to a larger area with monitors mounted out of the way to increase space as well.

We are extremely excited about this and wanted to share what we are doing to constantly improve our process.

Thanks for your continued support!