During the summer months we spend time coming up with new ideas and ways to better serve you, our customer.

This year we sat back and examined several of our most popular services and asked ourselves, “How can we improve these and add value?”. Then it hit us, people want to know they are taken care of in case something else happens after the repair.

We then knew the big change would be offering a full year of software support. This within itself presented a problem to us. We needed to give the customer better tools to help prevent problems from occurring.

Enter Vipre Anti-Virus.
In the past we have never recommended paid antivirus software because it rarely works and is a cost that is not needed when free alternatives offer very similar protection. With that said, finding an AV solution that we recommended was no easy task. It had to be low cost and highly effective.

We constantly watch lab tests that determine the effectiveness of AV software and we kept seeing Vipre listed at the top, above all the big names.

We had a solution and we knew we had to bundle it with the service, so we did.

Can I get support on a brand new computer?
Ahh! The question that plagued us for a while. What if someone wants to buy a new computer and get started off on the right foot? Easy. Offer a package, PC Care Plus, including Vipre, Carbonite Online backup and 1 year of support. What better way to start out with your new computer!?!

The Packages
We created three different packages which you can see listed to the right (click to read more info about each). We tried to include as much as we could with these packages and we hope that yet again they meet your needs and let you know, we care.

Care is part of our name for a reason.

From all of us here at University PC Care, thank you for your business and we look forward to further helping you with your computer problems.