The next time you stop in our store you may notice something different. It is not the new Care Counter, although that is awesome within itself, it is the use of iPads by all our staff.

One of our core values is to make the repair process with us simple, personal and enriching to each customer. It is about the total experience, not just us fixing your issue and getting you out the door. We want to make sure you understand the issue and provide some helpful tips to possibly avoid the issue in the future.

So why are the iPads important?

During check in we use the iPad to come to you, instead of you walking to a counter and someone entering in your data into “the system”. Once we enter in the information and walk you through the steps we are going to take, you can review your info and sign the agreement directly on the iPad screen.

Since each technician has an iPad, documentation is literally at each technicians finger tips. If you call, email, stop by or look up your repair staus online – we have the answer right there in our hands.

We are here to help. This is just one more tool to make that experience better.

So next time you stop by ask us about our iPads and if you are interested in using iPads in your business, let us know. We can help with setup and training.

If you are interested in buying an iPad (or two) we highly suggest contacting Appogee at 1-877-277-6433 as they are a local Apple Reseller.