We are happy to announce that Apple has designated us as Premium Service Provider.

Over the 2014 calendar year Apple analyzed many factors to determine we qualified for this designation.

Some of the factors include repair quality, customer satisfaction and safety procedures (ESD, battery and technician safety).

Repair Quality

We take pride in our repair quality as we strive to repair the computer or device correctly the first time. We accomplish this by throughly testing every Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod using Apple’s diagnostic tools/procedures as well as many in house tools we have developed over the years.

The dedication to quality doesn’t stop there as we only use Apple genuine parts when repairing Apple products. Using only Apple parts ensures the part will work as Apple intended. Once the repair is complete we again thoroughly test every component to check that the repair fixed the original issue.

Customer Satisfaction

One of our key guiding principles is that without people (our customers) technology is pointless. We take this into account when talking with our customers. According to Apple’s survey responses we rank extremely high in our region. We want to keep this high ranking by continuing to care for you, our customer.

Safety Procedures

From our repair benches to our safety equipment – we take safety of our employees and your device very serious. There are two aspects that Apple looks at and does not compromise on. ESD (electrostatic discharge) Safety and Technician Safety.

ESD Safety – All of our repair benches are properly setup according to strict ESD standards so the device is at an extremely low risk for ESD damage. We don’t repair your iPhone on a table next to a cup of coffee with people walking around that could knock it over.

Technician Safety – A device can be replaced but people cannot. Many devices contain batteries that if not properly handled can cause a fire and put our technicians at risk of injury. We have the proper safety equipment and procedures in place to protect our techs in the event this happens and contrary to popular belief – it does. Batteries are contained chemical reactions after all.

There are a lot of computer and iPhone repair shops in Greenville that may not take safety seriously, we do.

Through the 2015 calendar year we look forward to continuing to offer great service and show Eastern NC why we truly are a Premium Service Provider.