So you may be asking yourself why write a blog post informing our customers we have switched credit card merchants?

Because it matters, here is why…

If you are not familiar with Square it is a payment platform that works via iPads, iPhones and Android based devices. Square does not just offer us better overall service, rates and reliability but it offers our customers a better experience.

Square is mobile
With Square we are able to finish a transaction anywhere. That means on-site, in-store, at the Care Counter, etc. This allows us to offer better customer service overall. Our job is to spend more time helping you not waiting to process a payment.

Square is innovative: Square Wallet
Being a tech company, this matters. Square allows customers to install Square Wallet on their mobile device. With Square Wallet, you setup an account and input your credit card info. Square Wallet then allows you to pay just by being in a location. You don’t have to pull out your credit card. Just walk in, say your name and your account is charged.

Square is great for small businesses and if you own a small business and are interested in Square, feel free to ask us questions. We would love to help you get it setup.

As we always mention, we are constantly finding ways to make our customer experience better – this is yet another way.